Chemical & Agriculture

Márta Horváth (Senior Consultant)
(Senior Consultant)

The chemical industry is the most globalised of all manufacturing industries and the globalization is still in progress. The driving factor for the trend is the need for improvement of profitability by reducing production costs and proximity to markets. Companies choose location for a specific operation, based on the levels of trade between countries and high competition for markets.


Due to the economic crisis, chemical companies spent much of the past few years on their core business and tailoring their business processes and structure toward becoming more efficient. Growth by further reducing costs is not a viable option anymore as most companies have already taken drastic measures to cut costs and improve operating efficiencies. The chemical companies are seeing mergers and acquisitions as an option to grow in the current economic environment. Thus, there have been many structural changes within the organisations requiring professional consulting and recruitment services.


On the other hand, different economic and environmental forces have converged in recent years to generate growing interest in alternate sources of energy, including bio fuels.


Agriculture by itself has seen radical transformations in CEE over the last years. Joining the EU which for most of the countries in the region started in 2004 brought new financial sources and opportunities for the sector as well as serious foreign investments.


Due to those sector developments TARGET has gained significant experience in those main sectors by providing professional executive search services to its multinational clients investing in the region.