IT & New Technology

Teodozja Furmaniuk (Managing Director)
(Senior Consultant)

Let’s forget about treating IT & New Technology as any other sector. Welcome to the Future, where people are not any more a source or a work force, they are like gold and there is a gold rush for these high talented IT people. TARGET experience within IT & New Technology proves that gold in such meaning is still the best investment. But just like gold is not lying around next to the beaten paths, the golden IT talents are also difficult to be found. We employ sophisticated research and headhunting tools to identify them and to convince them. This is the only way that our clients will get a competitive adavantage through their investment in the right people.

During last years we can observe a boom which resulted in many successful searches for  companies from new technology sector as well as internal IT departments. TARGET team of experienced consultants is ready to assist you in your search for the best CEE professionals in this thriving and dynamic sector.