Mr. Jürgen Brunner
Mr. Jürgen Brunner (CFO, Head of HR  GLASSOLUTIONS ECKELT  Saint-Gobain Group)
Mr. Jürgen Brunner (CFO, Head of HR GLASSOLUTIONS ECKELT Saint-Gobain Group)

TARGET Executive Search is a new partner for us. Already the first contact showed that they invest a lot in understanding our needs and structure. Therefore we were able to successfully fill two key positions in the first year of cooperation. Regular reports as well as personnel contacts create an environment of trust during the process. A certain focus on soft skills and competences of candidates – which show the deep understanding of our needs – is characteristic for TARGET’s approach. Therefore we learned to listen to their advises.

Mr. Iustin Petrica
Managing Director, Carl Zeiss Instruments
Mr. Iustin Petrica (Managing Director, Carl Zeiss Instruments)

"We are very satisfied with the cooperation with TARGET Executive Search in Romania. Not only because TARGET Executive Search helped us finding the right persons for the positions we were looking for. But also because they showed dedication in difficult situations, too. Therefore they have proved to be the right partner for us."

Mr. Ferenc Tujner
Mr. Ferenc Tujner (Managing Director, Air Liquide Hungary Kft.)
Mr. Ferenc Tujner (Managing Director, Air Liquide Hungary Kft.)

„My experience with TARGET Executive Search dates back more than a decade. During this significant period I have witnessed lots of changes in people, business and companies. When talking about values, TARGET is one of the very few ones, which has been unchanged to me since the very first day we met: company of excellence, represented by top class people. Regardless, whether you are on the job seeking side or just want a reliable, competent partner to help selecting your future colleagues/managers, TARGET equals to me with a pure and single word: QUALITY.”

Mrs. Claudia Beermann
Mrs. Claudia Beermann (CFO,   FMTG – Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group)
Mrs. Claudia Beermann (CFO, FMTG – Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group)

„TARGET Executive Search has filled in recent years key management positions for us. TARGET has an excellent expertise and a strong network in Eastern Europe. The TARGET team has a very good ability to present a good selection of candidates that matches perfectly the requests of our company both from a professional and a personality point of view.”

Mr. Attila Nagy
Mr. Attila Nagy (General Manager  Magyar Doka Zsalutechnika Kft.)
Mr. Attila Nagy (General Manager, Magyar Doka Zsalutechnika Kft.)

„To find the right professional for a given position, admittedly is an "Art". We have worked together with TARGET Executive Search several times and we have experienced during our cooperations their high level of professionalism, reliabilty, flexibility, which make their recruitment services unique on the market. They paid high attention to our requests and the result of finding the best candidates with the right cultural fit for us was always excellent."

Mr. Richard Skene
Mr. Richard Skene (CEO Holcim Hungária Zrt. )
Mr. Richard Skene (CEO, Holcim Hungária Zrt.)

„My contact to TARGET Executive Search dates back to my first days in Hungary in the mid 1990's. Repeated successful searches made this a great experience. Personally for me the most important experience was of course when, thanks to the headhunting of TARGET, Holcim employed me as a CFO in Hungary. How good a match this was is probably best proven by the more than 15 years I already spent with Holcim in various positions, currently as CEO of Holcim Hungaria Zrt. But also other candidates proposed by TARGET to us in Hungary later on made their way inside the group, adding further recruitment success stories to our cooperation."

Mr. Pascal Piret
Mr. Pascal Piret (General Manager, Bonduelle Central Europe Kft.)

„Very good cooperation with TARGET Executive Search in terms of understanding of our needs, quality of the people selected, method of recruitment, timing and respect of it and follow up after the mission.”

Mrs. Domitille Oosthuyse
Mrs. Domitille Oosthuyse (Head of Recruitment 2008 & Head of Training 2009)

„TARGET Executive Search conducted for PIMKIE 2 searches in Poland to lead our business. Our contact was the Regional Consultant for CEE, Mr. Gilles Huart. We warmly appreciated their work for following reasons perfect comprehension of the profiles, sound advises concerning the existing salary practices in Poland. Good identification of candidates with weekly reports even sometimes daily reports about the status of the searches. Good coordination and organization of all meetings in Warsaw concerning PIMKIE and the candidates as well. Debriefing and helpful advises in the decision phase, giving us rapidly feedback related to the candidates' feeling and very good after placement coaching of our candidates after their integration in our office. As conclusion TARGET has been a real partner in these recruitments, giving us full and comprehensive overview about Polish labour market and respecting thoroughly our values and requirements as client. I would warmly recommend TARGET and am ready to give more details at any time on request.”

Mr. Christian Hörburger
Mr. Christian Hörburger (CFO SC Holzindustrie Schweighofer SRL)
Mr. Christian Hörburger (CFO, SC Holzindustrie Schweighofer SRL)

„We are an Austrian company with a lot of activities in Romania. This year, we used TARGET Executive Search to recruit two senior positions in the finance and logistic departments. We have been very satisfied with the way, TARGET worked and searched for the right persons. The direct approach and recruiting process was very well organized and during the whole process, we always have been informed about the status of the project. And most important: We were able to hire two new qualified employees within the estimated time frame.”

Mr. Laurent Peeters
Mr. Laurent Peteers, Group HR Director of Consolis Group
Mr. Laurent Peeters (Group HR Director of Consolis Group)

„Since 2008, Consolis Group is working with TARGET Executive Search in Central and Eastern Europe for several Middle Management positions (Managing directors, Finance, Plant and Sales managers) in many countries of CEE. Acting as partners, the consultants of TARGET were supporting us and bringing value through an important flexibility in the sourcing and selection processes, understanding our initial expectations and the constraints of the market. Moreover, we pinpointed the continuous open, direct and discrete communication and the customer orientation for both clients, the hiring company and the candidates.”