8 Jun 2015 - 10:42

TARGET management meeting in Budapest May 2015. 

8 Jun 2015 - 10:34

At a workshop in the CEU Business School.

16 Apr 2015 - 08:54

We have recently successfully completed a number of searches, during which we have introduced additional services to our clients.

Besides already commonly used Assessment Centres to evaluate candidates soft skills and their problem solving techniques, we were also able to evaluate the technical aspect and their abilities, based on various tests we have developed together with the clients. Initially our partners were quite sceptical about the use of any additional selection tools, however the tests results really helped them to identify the real talents for their newly created positions. It only shows that close cooperation with our clients during the search brings even better results and „educating” and „challenging” us, as their supplier, only increases our success. 

25 Mar 2015 - 15:00

„Sorry, your picture is really not good! With this CV nobody will consider you. Please change your glasses!” Finally I can tell candidates the truth. Finally they want to hear the truth. 

19 Mar 2015 - 10:16

Felicia Beldean and Mariana Turanova from TARGET Executive Search Group attend the INAC global headhunting meeting in Colombia.

10 Mar 2015 - 12:28

1, Clients require - high quality on demand

Once a company decides to cooperate with an executive search agency – headhunting agency, it most definitely was unable to find the suitable candidate, or perhaps failed doing so by relying on its own resources.

In these special cases we may assume that the vacant position requires a certain degree of expertise, e.g. engineering positions or jobs in specific industries.

The average client is likely to pose the following statement “the best time for fulfilling a vacant position is ASAP”. Job descriptions are written in full detail containing all requirements and skills needed from the ideal candidate – Leader + Manager.

Because of this, to schedule a meeting with the client is essential part and extensive communication between a client and a head hunter is the first priority in order to achieve the desired goal - find the best possible candidate.  

5 Mar 2015 - 09:56

Nowadays there is a slight boundary between the activity of the recruitment companies. Everybody does everything, everybody is a headhunter and you can think there aren’t any differences between the companies. 

This is a common standpoint in connection with this sector, but if we check them accurately we can realize there are lots of differences between the companies. 

25 Feb 2015 - 10:47

8 years ago, when I started to use LinkedIn, it was barely known in Poland, for me as a head-hunter it was „ eureca”, a new milestone in my  professional development and significant  increase of my  efficiency with successful placements.

Unfortunately, along with this positive feeling I felt also a disturbing fear that the times of the traditional recruitment and advantages of external recruiters on HR will „ go with the wind”.  What was supposed to help us -  recruiters -  became a threat to us, a competition, which in the next few years meant that we all can be head-hunters.

18 Feb 2015 - 10:01

Haven’t you ever wished your success didn’t depend on other people? All the efforts and energy you’ve put into a new recruitment assignment, the obstacles you’ve  surmounted and the little victories you’ve rejoiced have brought you to the final result – there you have it, seemingly all yours, yet the time has come to put it to the real test – the acceptance and approval of the others. Things are apparently no longer solely in your hands.

11 Feb 2015 - 10:29

These days it´s very hard to find a well paid job, especially when someone is young. At a time when everyone is well educated and knows at least one language, it´s hard to be chosen by your future employer. So the main question is how can we stand out from the huge group of the young people? Without any experience after studies it is extremely hard to find your first job without any problems.