13 Oct 2015 - 08:49

A “discrepancy” to consider

The classical “discrepancy” between research and practice, between researchers and practitioners is more present on the “practice” side when we speak of organizational field (given the fact that the researches in this field are based on data collected from the companies, so they are mostly very practice-related studies). That is to say that when it comes to organizational studies (as opposed medicine, or to physics for example, or technical field) it is more likely to find very “grounded in reality” researchers and very “theory ignorant” practitioners. Often you may find the case that practitioners benefit very little from the conclusions, insights of the studies made about organizations, about teams, about leaders. 

5 Oct 2015 - 12:04

Headhunting...well it’s a “hell of a job”. Of course, I speak from the headhunter’s perspective. Each day I encounter all sorts of people and bizarre situations, some are funny, but most of them are not. Some candidates have no realistic expectations of us and this article is addressed to them, to make our work together easier and our lives happier. 

17 Sep 2015 - 10:07

We have all seen the pictures of hundreds of refugees walking on the Hungarian highway. In the afternoon of Friday Sept 4th a large group of refugees left from Budapest Keleti railway station and started to walk towards Austria, 170 km ahead of them. 

31 Aug 2015 - 10:01

The organized people, like me, have a never-ending issue with lack of communication from counterparts, both in business and private life. Answering an email/call/sms and stating the situation status (Not solving the topic on the spot! We know people aren’t some vending machines that operate immediately...) is a natural way how to treat a communication partner on the other side. We honestly find it difficult, and it drives us crazy, when there is QUIET on the other side. That means the communication stays open and some part of our mind capacity is still bothered with that. I guess people on the other side do not realize it. Learning about details of how different people perceive the world and make decisions, using MBTI knowledge base, I do recognize that many people find it very natural not to answer at all or answer only in the last second. They find it natural to communicate this way and don’t understand us on the other side. So much for the theory and trying to understand each other better after learning some scientific staff.

25 Aug 2015 - 09:04

Nowadays, being "communicative" is a key-skill, listed in every job description. It means that the candidate must be able and willing to inform colleagues as well as the general management about any fact relevant to the company.

27 Jul 2015 - 13:42

Last year seemed to be a successful year in terms of finding the perfect matching candidates. Clients and candidates (and my boss) were happy that before Christmas all running projects were from our side finished. Presentations of candidates - done, employment contracts between clients and candidates - signed, candidates resigned from their current job. Now we just wait until the resignation period will pass and the candidates will start their dream job with our clients. I was very satisfied with my work and was looking forward to the new year´s adventures and challenges not only at work. Until now it looks like “happy end” story…but please continue reading. 

22 Jul 2015 - 13:59

Today´s lunch experience! Another experience of dreadful service in Budapest. I went to a small fish restaurant next to our office in Lövöhaz utca. I sat down outside at a table fully packed with half empty glasses. I waited for 5 minutes, waitresses cruised around, not very busy, no noticing, no eye-contact, nothing. Well, I do not give up so easily. So I went inside to a salad bar, after 2 minutes of ignorance from waitresses inside, I stopped one and asked, if I can help myself with the salad. „No way!” They have to do it. But since I had caught her, no escape possible, I got my salad and ordered some shrimps. I carried my salad outside, cleared the mess on my table to 1 corner and started to eat. Eventually also the shrimps arrived. My empty salad plate joined the mess. 1 waitress relaxed standing close to my table, ignoring the mess and enjoyed the sunshine. Nobody ever asked me, if I want to drink something. Unusual idea with 40 degrees in the shadow. Eventually I asked for the bill and I asked her, „Sorry, you want no tip?” The girl, „Why?” I said, „because the service was so lousy and I told her my points.” She fell out of her cloud, mumbled „Sorry” and disappeared.

13 Jul 2015 - 12:28

A compact overview of current economic data and trends across CEE with overall good news:

GDP and investment is rising! Unemployment and inflation is dropping! Source, see bottom.

7 Jul 2015 - 12:34


 From INAC Report – April 2015


In the Spring of 2015, Executive Search firms from across the globe came together in Bogota, Colombia, for the annual conference of INAC, the international network of search consultancies. One of this year’s themes focussed on women in leadership, debating issues such as gender quotas, board diversity and the differences in approach from region to region.

While there is no doubt that some regions still have very strong patriarchal tendencies, there is some progress being made. According to The International Labour Organisation, Norway boasts the highest global proportion of companies with a woman as a Chairperson closely followed by Turkey at just over 11%. However, it is clear that there is still much work to be done as only around 5% of the CEOs of the world’s largest corporations are women – and the larger the company, the more likely is it that the CEO will be a man.

7 Jul 2015 - 10:36

Austrian & Hungarian TARGET Team