13 Sep 2016 - 12:47

Headhunting is an art! Our Slovak headhunting team got a new opportunity to develop skills in an even more artistic sense. Do you like the result?

8 Aug 2016 - 11:35

25 Jul 2016 - 12:37

Nowadays “most wanted” profiles are TRUSTED Leaders? For corporations, sports, business, banks,  politics…..anywhere.


21 Jul 2016 - 11:16

Which industry is hot and which isn’t? What should be the study field of kids so that they succeed on the future job market?I visited a very inspirational conference recently and among the topics discussed was also the outlook into the future leading industry sectors.

28 Jun 2016 - 05:43

The EURO 2016, still running in France, is over for me and for the Austrian team.
After the last match against a formidable Icelandic team (Score 1:2 on 2016.6.22) the Austrian team was sent home.

7 Jun 2016 - 09:25

Obviously the membership to a foreign Chamber of Commerce in our countries has a price. A double price. The first one is the annual fee we have to pay to become Member. The second one is not insignificant: time! We have to show as often as possible active presence to the chambers' events. That mostly means late hours of attendance to such events, to have the opportunity to talk ...

25 May 2016 - 12:00

“And the winner is TARGET Executive Search!” At the recent global headhunting conference in Madrid the TARGET Group won the price for best global business development. “This shows how active and successful Austria and our CEE region are in a global headhunting context,” comments Klemens Wersonig, the Austrian founder and CEO of TARGET.”

Global headhunters are looking up!

2 May 2016 - 13:36

Hey fellow recruiters and headhunters! I have discovered a truly out of the box resume! We have all seen creative resumes, like the picture here.

Sometimes they are crazy, sometimes too much, but still they are colourful flowers in our daily routine. But the one I found now (see bottom link) is another dimension alltogether. This is part of global headhunting. We are headhunters in Central Europe and this resume reached us from New York.

26 Apr 2016 - 10:51

Headhunting is done differently around the globe. While some countries, like Norway, France, Central Europe, South America and Australia ride on top of the social media wave and embrace the latest technologies, other countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland have a much more conservative approach to top level recruitment. Klemens Wersonig, the CEO of TARGET Executive Search has analyzed global headhunting trends and best practices and shared his findings at the world headhunter congress of INAC in Madrid.

7 Apr 2016 - 17:47

Petya is not a nice candidate name. It is a new virus aiming specifically at you and me. This new computer virus is targeting recruiters. Every day we get many CVs, some are in response to job offers, others are just coming out-of-the-blue.

How recruiters and headhunters are attacked!