Life in a golden cage


As a headhunter you sometimes meet people, who live and work in a golden cage. What does it mean? There are people, who have very high paid jobs, but they are still unhappy. “Money alone does not make happy!” Sometimes their job is boring or just routine, sometimes they have bad bosses. They want to change their job. So they meet the headhunter and I have to tell them,


“You can change jobs, but only for less salary!”


Sometimes even for much less salary, because their current package is just completely out of the market, from a different universe. Most of them do not want to hear that. “Who wants to hear the truth?” So, they go back to their golden cage workplace. They are trapped and cannot escape from their golden environment, ever. It is quite an amazing phenomenon, probably we should call it greed, because the people I am talking about just really earn “too much.” How can you earn too much? Of course, all is relative, but as a headhunter you know the salary market inside out. This is our job. And when you have all people in a certain position, industry and market earning 70-100 and somebody walks in and says 150 or even 200, you know it is too much. No envy, but then you can only stay in your golden cage.


Klemens Wersonig

Founder & CEO

TARGET Executive Search